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Sep 2021

So far, as a national exhibition in all walks of life, it has become a big stage for global opening, cooperation and sharing. Since the beginning of 2020, the world economy has suffered serious setbacks due to emergencies such as COVID-19. The exhibition industry as a market-oriented front end has also been seriously affected, and most businesses have suffered a certain degree of impact. Therefore, many businesses are still eager for face-to-face communication and trading opportunities, and hope to take advantage of the exhibition to strive for domestic and overseas markets.

However, since the second half of 2020, with the gradual recovery of the domestic market, most of them have adopted the mode of combination of online and offline, so that some buyers who are unable to attend due to travel restrictions can also interact with exhibitors online. From the development in the second half of the year, the demand of enterprises to expand the market through exhibitions has increased unabated, and exhibition organizers have accelerated the layout of the Chinese market.

Since the second half of the year, exhibitions in all walks of life have been held one after another. As an automotive aftermarket, it has also been organized. So far, many professional exhibitions have been held, such as:

On September 25, China (Wenzhou) Auto Parts Industry Expo;

On September 26, the 16th Beijing International Automobile Exhibition;

On September 28, the first central (Nanchang) international automobile aftermarket Expo;

On October 9, the 88th national auto parts conference in Zhengzhou;

October 11, Guangzhou International Auto parts and after sales market Exhibition (AAG);

October 21, Taipei International Auto Parts Exhibition (Taipei AMPA);

On October 22, Hangzhou National Auto Parts Fair and national auto parts purchase fair;

On October 28, China Longkou auto parts online exhibition;


Each exhibition focuses on the characteristic brands of the automotive aftermarket, helps enterprises expand the market and promotes the high-quality development of the local market and economy.

Next, all participants in the automotive aftermarket focused on the "16th Shanghai Frankfurt Auto Parts Exhibition" at the end of the year (December 2), which is the largest exhibition of the year. It is expected to attract about 3900 enterprises in the whole automotive industry chain, with an overall exhibition area of 280000 square meters.

As the highlight of the industry at the end of the year, enterprises and professional buyers all over the world are looking forward to participating in the exhibition. As enterprises in various fields of the automotive aftermarket, they have started the preparatory work before the exhibition. Let's first witness their domineering booth in Shanghai Frankfurt and their location, so as to facilitate the accurate docking of exhibitors.

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